4M Boat Trailer with Disk Brakes

4M Boat Trailer with Disk Brakes

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Features & Size
Hot Dipped Galvanised (Rust Free) – ATM 1200KG
Suits Boats From 3.5 Meters (11.5 ft) to 4.4 Meters (14.5 ft)
13″ Brand New Hot Dipped Galvanised Rims and Light Truck Tyres
Hand Winch with Strap and Hook
50mm Round Solid Axle
3 Keel Rollers & 24 Wobble Rollers
Mechanical Over-rider Cable Actuated Disc Brakes
Fully Welded Chassis
7 Leaf Springs Dacromet Treated
LED Submersible Tail Lights
Free Swing up Jockey Wheel
ADR Standard Heavy Duty Chain & Load Rated Shackle
Flat 7 Pin Plug
Distance Between Guards: 1.47 Meters
Chassis Main Beam Size: 50mm x 70mm x 2.5mm
Cross Bar Size: 50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm
Trailer Tare Weight: 290Kg
Trailer Overall Length: 5.01m x 1.964m

13″ Hot Dipped Galvanised Spare Wheel – $100



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