ALKO Drop Down Adjustable Leg - 420mm-590mm Vertical

ALKO Drop Down Adjustable Leg - 420mm-590mm Vertical

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ALKO Hex Drive Drop Down Style Steady Zinc Plated Max length 590mm. These stabilisers can also provide vertical support, and are therefore more rigid than the traditional angled legs.

Price is for one, corner stabiliser and Mounting bracket, the HEX winder handle NOT included.


  • These corner stabiliser drop down to any angle and are then locked in place with the quick release red handle. The winder (not included, but a socket will also do the job) is then used for the last section. The legs rotate through the full 180 degrees so the can be mounted on the left or right sides.

    Each stabiliser comes with a mounting bracket that is usually welded to the chassis and the stabiliser are then bolted to this with the included bolts. The minimum height when set vertical is 420mm, but it can still operate on the angle at any height, just like the traditional wind down legs. When fully extended vertically it will reach to 590mm. This could be further extended with removable blocks.

  • Specifications

    • Model: RTC605, 450-05400, 006483, 30450200
    • Brand: Alko
    • Barcode: 010931923612361437000002
    • Tested and meet the requirements of the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia, the Australian controlling body for caravan manufacturing standards.
    • The mounting bracket for welding is 110mm x 75mm. If bolting to the frame the bracket is 100 x 65mm with 80mm hole centres.
    • Shipping Weight: 5.00 Kgs.
    • Shipping Dimensions: 16 cm x 46 cm x 64 cm.


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