Fusion 6-Marine 2-Way Loudspeaker 200w (MS-FR6021)

Fusion 6-Marine 2-Way Loudspeaker 200w (MS-FR6021)

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Designed with the latest German ‘Curv’ Cone technology for clear sound built to withstand the elements (i.e. the cones are made of a woven plastic, this means they can’t rot out after years of use). 

Product Description

Featuring a titanium tweeter dome, it complies with international IP65 water resistant standards and incorporates a fully sealed crossover, magnet and tweeter housing with waterproof cone and surrounds. 


  • Comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and two grill options (x2 ice white and x2 midnight black). Also complies with ASTM Standards for UV stability (ASTM-D4329) and Salt/Fog resistance (ASTM-B117).


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