ORIGO: 5100 - Metho Heat Pal

ORIGO: 5100 - Metho Heat Pal

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Heat Pal 5100 The perfect supplementary heat source for active outdoor life. The Origo Heat Pal's Aluminium (used to be stainless steel) housing unit doubles as a wind screen and a durable protective case.

Thanks to its ingeniously simple and tough design the Heat Pal is compact, light, powerful and portable to anywhere you need a space heater or an extra stove.
3 year warranty.

Model: OH5100 Dometic, 61140165
Brand: Origo
Weight (kg) 2.5
Width (mm) 285.
Height (mm) 280.
Fuel capacity (l) 1.2
Heating power approx. (W) 1500
Burning time (max. power) (h) 5
Boiling time approx. (1l/water) (min) 15
Shipping Weight: 2.44 Kgs.
Shipping Dimensions: 16 cm x 29 cm x 29 cm.

Our Comments
Note : The canister has a breather section that may appear to be a deformity in the opening. This is normal.



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